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“If people have always set themselves to only one task of building a viable society, the forces that animated our distant ancestors are also within us. Nothing is done, we can do it all over again. What has been done and done wrong can be done again.”

Claude Lévi-Strauss,  Tristes Tropiques


President of the Zatoka Foundation. Ethnologist and cultural anthropologist.

In 2013, she defended her PhD in social and political sciences at the European University Institute in Florence. She is a committed researcher of women's social movements in Poland and abroad. A graduate of postgraduate studies at the Gdańsk University of Technology in the field of project management. "I founded the Foundation because the current times require us - women, to act decisively. Women must build strength in society, support each other." In her spare time, she is passionate about fashion and tailoring.


Vice President of the Zatoka Foundation. sociologist  and cultural anthropologist. As a lecturer at the University of Gdańsk at the Institute of Sociology, he teaches subjects related to social movements, social involvement and civil society. He is also a committed employee of the European Solidarity Center in Gdańsk. Privately, he is passionate about old Japanese sports motorcycles.

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ZATOKA SZABLONY (4)_edited.png
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